Decided on the Garmin Fenix 6S Pro

Well, so much for trying to find a tiny GPS watch! In prior posts I discussed my love for the Samsung Galaxy Fit2 as a daily wear – the only issue being no GPS so I always end up bringing a Garmin handheld for longer day hikes which seems like overkill on familiar or established trails. I would bring my Polar M400, but that is geared towards runs, IMO, and the battery life isn’t really great for hiking which is more than 4-6 hours, which it almost always is.

Fit2 vs Fenix 6S watch face

In the end I decided that if I couldn’t find a tiny GPS watch I’d just buy a full-featured one instead. It’s only money! I found it for the lowest price I could and I’ve been very happy with it after some adjusting to settings (1 sec interval, no idea why that isn’t default – why would anyone want inaccurate tracks?), t’s been great. It *is* heavy on my wrist even though this is the smallest version, which also makes the map a bit harder to see, but, hey, it has a map, that’s so cool! The battery life is more akin to a modern handheld unit, depending on settings, and it’s easy to grab and go. I have dropped it once trying to put it on as the face is pretty hefty so any loss of grip before it’s strapped on is a precarious time. It kinda knocked up the outer ring a tad, but the face was unharmed. I put it on over my lap now.

I would prefer the inset-type band on it instead of the belt-type band, that’s my only complaint. I don’t like having some extra bit that can catch on clothing and I find the search for the correct loop a bit of a struggle on my skinny wrists.

Fit2 vs Finix 6S band size and style

Feature-wise, it does far more than I will ever need it for. It’s fairly attractive and about as small as I can expect. Lots of stats can be added per-screen and per-activity, which I like as I like to read as much as possible with one glance without scrolling.

I still prefer a hearty handheld for multi-day trips for it’s big screen that is easy to plan route changes, but if I was on familiar ground I might grab the watch instead. It is still too big and heavy for me to want to use it for daily-wear, so the Fit2 remains attached to me 24/7 and my go-to for easy timers during strength training and basic tracking for small hikes and local walks.

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