A loss for words.

Look – I am with you. Politicians seem corrupt beyond comprehension. The choices seem limited. National elections seem pointless (not local, get out and learn and vote local, damnit!). Often, the choice of one US President over another is like choosing a lesser of two evils. BUT how on this green earth is Trump the lesser evil? How is he ‘draining the swamp’ – by putting the strongest opposers for each cabinet position? It makes no sense.

Howard Dean once yelled ‘YEEE-AAAW’ and lost his bid for president. But Donald Trump can mock a handicap, talk proudly of harrassing women, routinely run businesses that go bankrupt, incite violence, hold hands with Putin, and constantly spout hurt feelings on Twitter and this is okay? I… just… speechless.

I hope to science I’m wrong. I hope somehow hiring the leaders of corporations that have spent millions lobbying and corrupting our government somehow solves the problems… but how exactly does that work? I am fearful for our national parks, for women’s rights, for non-white non-straight rights, for the poor. I cannot see how this will turn out well – unless it’s so crazy bad people revolt ala Rome style.

I think we are living in the upside-down. I guess I knew it would happen the first day I noticed two Starbucks immediately across the street from each other: whatever rapture religious people believe in already happened and these are the end times. They are more weirdly disturbing than horrific than we expected – but it all seems to be getting worse. Somehow the internet and television have given us unlimited access to information and it’s made people more stupid – more full of fear which clouds judgement and gives way to tyranny. The history repeat is so blatant, so sad to watch.

But a big part of me thinks all the nonsense that is so overwhelming I’m just slackjaw is just some smoke screen – some ratings ploy to pull all our feeble minds towards this shit-show circus that is the US government and away from some larger issue – something unseen but guessed at. Something I’m supposed to do that I can’t figure out. Some words I’m supposed to say or story I am to follow. Some mystery that is keeping me up at night.